Update and New Member Applications

We see a light at the end of the tunnel!! What this means, is current membership anticipates having in person meetings and events in 2021. We are beginning to think, not plan, events and meetings. This will be contingent on current membership’s ability and willingness to have in person meetings and events. What does this means for you?

Live Events: We do not have anything scheduled in 2021. While we are not looking for events today, we have been contacted with some interest. When we find an event that we are willing and able to attend, and have a high confidence will not be cancelled, we will update our calendar with the event information and announcement that on the website so our fans can plan to attend. Stay tuned.

New Membership Applications: We have received tremendous interest in joining NEOLUG – thank you. In the coming weeks (hopefully not months), we will begin reaching out to individuals who have shown interest in joining NEOLUG. We will confirm that interest still exists, and verify your application information if needed. We are eager to meet with the applicants, and this will be done as a group meeting with current membership and prospects in attendance to discover mutual interest – maybe new friendships as well. I personally like a timeline, so I will suggest that if you haven’t received an email from us by June 30, 2021, then you should submit a new application. Remember, current membership needs to be both willing and able to have meetings. There is no visibility to when that can happen; just a light at the end of the tunnel that indicates it will happen at a future point we believe to be in 2021. We hope we are not wrong.

Click Here to apply for membership. Remember, this is an adult fans of LEGO® group. Age 18+ is a requirement. Again, we are very excited about the prospect of conducting activities in 2021. We look forward to sharing our creations, and reconnecting with fans , in person, in 2021.

Keep safe, and keep building 🙂

We’re Still Here!! An open letter

Howdy Fans!!

2020 has been a very unexpected year so far. We are learning how much of a physical presence organization we really are. No meetings, no shows, no gatherings, and no meeting new members – all because of rules, regulations, and guidelines. This has us evaluating our social media presence.

Good news!! We have created a Facebook Page. We are still putting the final touches on this, and will provide more details soon. This new page will help us maximize our Facebook presence. This also means, we will be discontinuing the fan group. Members of that group will be encouraged to like and follow our Facebook page.

Our website is still the best place to get the latest information about NEOLUG events. We are still building, looking for shows for the 2021 calendar, and eager to see people soon. Right now, we simply don’t have shows or or announcements, and look forward to putting up details right here when we have them.

Our website continues to be the only place to apply for membership. Keep in mind, applicants will not be able to complete the process until we resume in-person meetings – which can occur anywhere in Northeastern Ohio. Click Here to fill out the application if interested, and be patient as we don’t currently know when our next club meeting can be scheduled.

We appreciate everyone’s support and patience while we continue to get through this together, apart.

Keep Building 🙂

NEOLUG May events

Covid-19 sucks. This temporary new normal of flattening the curve to save lives by not overwhelming the health care system, social distancing, and stay at home orders has created some large, and in many cases , uncomfortable challenges. We are all in this together.

With that said, NEOLUG appreciates all of the health care workers, first responders, and essential workers performing their duties to keep us all fed, safe, and healthy. Thank YOU!!

This lockdown has created some extra time for many people. For some, this time is being spent towards positive opportunities: catching up on the ‘honey-do’ list, spending more quality time with your immediate family (whom you are stuck with during lock down), getting to know your neighbors from the confines of your own home, and developing healthy habits. For some of us at NEOLUG, it is also a time for us to make some LEGO creations. In our photo gallery, you can see some of the works we built during this time, and in preparation for our cancelled May shows, as large gatherings are not permitted currently as illustrated by the illuminated closed sign in the library’s window.

Lastly, NEOLUG appreciates the invitations from the Westlake Porter Public Library for their annual comic book day give away event, and International Women’s Air and Space Museum’s family day event at Burke Lakefront Airport. We look forward to displaying our creations at these venues next year. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and come see our creations when gathering are permitted once more.

Arthur Gugick Scholarship Fundraiser wrapup

NEOLUG proudly participated at the Beachwood Schools Foundation fundraiser conducted on Sunday, February 23. This well attended event featured many works of Arthur Gugick, one of the founders of NEOLUG. Over 1,100 visitors participated in a silent auction fundraiser, play brick opportunities, and viewed creations from other NEOLUG members. The highlight of the event included a group participation building of a mosaic inspired by Arthur’s life, created by EJ Bocan.

Arthur Gugick Scholarship Fundraiser

The Arthur Gugick Scholarship Fund in conjunction with Beachwood Schools Foundation will be holding a Fundraiser on Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Beachwood High School. During this event you will be able to view a selection of Arthur Gugick’s art as well as pieces from other NEOLUG artists. This event will crafts, cookie decorating and interactive activities for participants.

Deck the Halls 2019: A Classic Comic Hero Christmas

NEOLUG is honored to decorate the Great Hall with Lego creations this year for Deck The Halls.  Stan Hywet’s very own Todd Wolf creation of Stan Hywet will be on display.  This is Todd’s fifth version of Stan Hywet, contains more than 50,000 Lego pieces, and took nearly 800 hours (over 7 months) to build.  More of NEOLUG’s artists have created mosaics of Captain America, Captain Marvel, Groot, Batman, Ironman, Teen Titans, and Harley Quinn for your viewing pleasure.  Please take pictures, and tag #StanHywet and #NEOLUG with your social media posts.

Also included in the exhibit is a decorated life size Lego Tree, holiday winter village, sculptures of The Wonder Twins, and a collection of snowmen of super heroes and villains including Wolverine, Spiderman, The Hulk, The Tick, Poison Ivy and Batman.

Included in your tour of the manor house is 19 rooms in total which will be themed with stories of classic comic heroes including Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and Robin, Spiderman, and The Hulk. New this season for Deck the Halls is a giant interactive snow globe in Gingerbread Land. 

Event dates are Nov 29 – Dec1, Dec 5-8, Dec 12-23, and the estate remains open until 9:00 PM all nights.

NEOLUG goes to Youngstown Comic Con

Thousands poured into the Covelli Center this past weekend, July 6&7, 2019. Fans dressed as their favorite character were invited to participate in a collaborative build mosaic: Jay & Silent Bob, in recognition of headliner Jason Mewes.

Many dressed as their favorite super hero took their picture with NEOLUG’s display of super heroes mosaics and scenes. Many visitors returned both days, and look forward to our return next year.

Comic Book Day at Westlake Porter Public Library

The Westlake Porter Public Library hosted a free comic book day on May 4, 2019. To help the event be more festive, NEOLUG created and brought their Superhero and other comic book related Lego Creations for display.

Pictured here, is Mike Comstock’s Harley Quinn. In our photo gallery, you can see all of NEOLUG’s display items including Westlake’s own Adrian Drake & family’s Captain Marvel; and EJ Bocan’s Batman, Ironman, and Deadpool.

NEOLUG’s Inspiration Booth at the International Women’s Air and Space Museum

The International Women’s Air and Space Museum this year was delighted to have NEOLUG’s Inspiration booth this year for their Family Day.

The annual event held at Burke Lakefront Airport, is one of many stops available on the south shore of Lake Erie. Visitors on May 4th were immersed with the history of the museum in addition to other family fun activities.

Interactive activities included face painting, and aeronautical crafts from common items such as empty water bottles.

NEOLUG’s Inspiration booth pictures can be viewed in the photo gallery. Check out our calendar to see where we will be next.