Update and New Member Applications

We see a light at the end of the tunnel!! What this means, is current membership anticipates having in person meetings and events in 2021. We are beginning to think, not plan, events and meetings. This will be contingent on current membership’s ability and willingness to have in person meetings and events. What does this means for you?

Live Events: We do not have anything scheduled in 2021. While we are not looking for events today, we have been contacted with some interest. When we find an event that we are willing and able to attend, and have a high confidence will not be cancelled, we will update our calendar with the event information and announcement that on the website so our fans can plan to attend. Stay tuned.

New Membership Applications: We have received tremendous interest in joining NEOLUG – thank you. In the coming weeks (hopefully not months), we will begin reaching out to individuals who have shown interest in joining NEOLUG. We will confirm that interest still exists, and verify your application information if needed. We are eager to meet with the applicants, and this will be done as a group meeting with current membership and prospects in attendance to discover mutual interest – maybe new friendships as well. I personally like a timeline, so I will suggest that if you haven’t received an email from us by June 30, 2021, then you should submit a new application. Remember, current membership needs to be both willing and able to have meetings. There is no visibility to when that can happen; just a light at the end of the tunnel that indicates it will happen at a future point we believe to be in 2021. We hope we are not wrong.

Click Here to apply for membership. Remember, this is an adult fans of LEGO® group. Age 18+ is a requirement. Again, we are very excited about the prospect of conducting activities in 2021. We look forward to sharing our creations, and reconnecting with fans , in person, in 2021.

Keep safe, and keep building 🙂